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Essential baking tools to have in your kitchen

Ever saw this amazing tiered cake on your favourite cooking show and tried to recreate it at home and it ended up looking like a very elaborate… pancake? You should go through this article! If you have had your fair share of cake wrecks like the coarse textured glazing, the cake which is sunken in the middle or the liquid chocolate mousse, chances are you might only be using the wrong baking tools! If you are highly demotivated to ever bake again, bear in mind that when it comes to cooking and baking everything becomes easier when you have the right tool for the right task!  People often say that while cooking is an art on the other hand baking is a science where precision is quintessential and there little room for spontaneity! Indeed kitchen measuring tools are must-own accessories  for baking ! Dear amateur bakers gather round for the essential bakeware to have to nail your sweet delights every time ; whether it is a batch of simple cookies or an elaborate sugar craft!

Measuring cups and measuring spoons

As we have already figured out baking is about precision ! For the cake to leaven properly you must have the appropriate flour :  baking powder ratio. You must have a cup set of ¼ cup up to 1 cup and a measuring spoon set of ½ teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon. Opt for stainless steel rather than plastic, the former withstands dishwasher use and contact with chemical compounds better.

Mixing bowls

These versatile pastry tools will allow you to mix dry and wet ingredients in your plastic, glass or stainless steel mixing bowls. They can be used as serveware too for your salads for exemple. I usually prefer glass and stainless steel mixing bowls  to plastic ones since the latter tends to absorb oil and odours. Glass mixing bowls are microwave safe whereas stainless steel is not however stainless steel bowls are lighter. You should typically have three sizes of mixing bowls: large, medium and small.  An essential material in your tool set to work your fondant, make buttercream or simple beat your egg whites.

Regular Cake pans

If you are only starting to bake I would advise you to buy a round cake pan, a loaf pan, a muffin pan and a pie pan.

  • For the muffin pan go for the standard 12 muffin pans since most recipes will provide for about 10 -20 servings. The nonstick Silicone molds will allow you to obtain perfect baked muffins while unmolding.
  • Opt for a 9×5 inch loaf pan. Loaf pans will allow you to make amazing lemon pound cakes, banana breads, meatloaves or even a healthy zucchini cake.
  • Bake amazing sweet pies, pot pies, savoury quiches or even roast chicken in your pie and tart pans. If you had to choose only one pie pie for tor a 9 inches deep dish for extra room for yummy fillings.
  • It is advisable to have at least two non-stick round pans so that you can atleast make a layer cake. Silicone cake molds and non-stick springform molds are absolute winners when it comes to unmolding

Rubber spatula for zero waste !

Also called a scraper, this silicone spatula allows you to mix your preparations and scrape the bottom of bowls without scratching the surface. You will be able to scrap the last bit of your dough or batter with your rubber scraper for zero waste! This utensil allows you to gently incorporate your egg white peaks to your preparation.

Cake dummies:

If you want to practise your sugarcraft or master the art of decorating with a pastry bag for a spotless décor use a cake dummy. The polystyrene cake dummies can be reused several times while practising on a real cake can be quite expensive if you are having several trials.


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